Supply Water Leakage Protection System WLP-1

Run-in function:
Following adjustment of the clock, the WLP-1 may undertake full or partial automatic run-in according to the actual water consumption pattern. The run-in may be set to last from 1 day to 1 year; following run-in the system will calculate required monitoring parameters and reinstate leakage monitoring for the mechanisms that were run-in.


WLP-1 continuously logs events, system changes, key variables and consumption characteristics for presentation in the display or via remote communication.


BMS Attachment:
WLP-1 has outputs for repetition of flow meter impulses to a BMS, with optional selectable scaling. Leakage alarms etc. may be signalled to the BMS with the uncommitted relay outputs.


Alarm Connection:
The system accepts signals from BMS or Burglar Alarm Systems for phase switching, and from Fire Alarm Systems or Fire Cabinets for forcing open the cut-off valve.


Custom versions

DanTaet also delivers customized protection systems on request, e.g. with electromagnetic or mechanical flow meters in lieu of ultrasonic meters, or with system capacities other than those listed below.
System Diagram WLP-1-Bx-V1

System extensions

Point monitoring (Opt. V):
WLP-1 accommodates up to eight liquid sensors LS-X for extra protection of specific exposed or vulnerable locations.

Multi Leakage Protection (opt. N):
WLP-1 accommodates up to four flow meters, thus permitting simultaneous leakage monitoring of up to four separate branches.
Hereby installations can be segmented, e.g. cold supply water/fire cabinets/warm supply water/grey water for optimum safety and convenience. Be sure to obtain specific dimensioning quotation and reference number.

Circulating Warm Supply Water
Using the BW meter attachment, meters for warm water Flow and Circulation can be connected, whereby the WLP-1 can monitor the warm water consumption, even where monitoring at the calorifier cold water intake is impractical.

Remote Monitoring type WM
When connecting a GSM modem the water consumption can be remotely monitored using System WM.
By connection of a serial device server, the water consumption may be monitored on a local network using System WM.
System Capacity and pressure loss Dimensions
Nom. Cap.
Qn (m³/h)
 ΣΔp Equivalent
Kvs (m³/h)
(mwc) (kPa) Flow meter Cutoff valve
WLP-1-BK2,5-V1 2,5 0,42 4,2 12,2 ¾" x 190 mm ¾" x 80 mm
WLP-1-BK4-V1 4,0 0,93 9,3 13,2 1" x 260 mm 1" x 90 mm
WLP-1-BK6,3-V1 6,3 2,24 22,4 13,3 1" x 260 mm 1¼" x 110 mm
WLP-1-BK10-V1 10 0,65 6,5 39,2 1½" x 300 mm 1½" x 120
WLP-1-BK16-V1 16 1,63 16,3 39,6 DN50 x 270 mm 2" x 140 mm
WLP-1-BK25-V1 25 0,71 7,1 94 DN65 x 300 mm DN65 x 46 mm
WLP-1-BK40-V1 40 0,6 6,0 163 DN80 x 300 mm DN80 x 46 mm

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