Vibration Guard VGM5




Power supply input

Nominal operating voltage: 24Vdc
Input voltage range: 20 to 28Vdc
Max power consumption: 6W

Vibration sensor inputs A and B

Sensitivity: 1g/1000mV nominal
Impedance: 33 kΩ
DC center level: 2.5V
Overload level: 2.5±1.6V
Supply voltage: +12V
Bandwidth: dc-200Hz (-3dB)
Sampling rate: 160kHz

Tacho inputs 1 and 2

Nominal input level: 24Vdc
Impedance: 2.7kΩ
Bandwidth: min. 600Hz


Signal relays

Number of relay outputs: 6
Capability with resistive load (cosΦ=1)
Rated load: 0.5A at 125Vac; 1A at 24Vdc
Rated carry current: 2A
Max switching current: 1A
Max switching voltage: 125Vac, 60Vdc
Max switching power: 62.5VA, 30W
Output assignment (native mode):
  • Vibration alarm A
  • Vibration warning A
  • Vibration alarm B
  • Vibration warning B
  • Overspeed 1 or 2
  • Sensor error
Relays may be used in native mode as above, or in one of four TAC84 emulation modes.

Analog detector outputs A and B

(Option VGL5)
Level: 4-20mA
Resolution: 12 bits
Recommended load: 100Ω
Signal source: Wideband or filtered signal
  • ac 12mA+3.5mA/g
  • dc lin 4mA+10mA/g
  • dc log 18mA+0.2mA/dBg

Front panel

GPD5 port

Connector: DB9, interface hot-plug capable


Status LED
Sensor A LED
Sensor B LED
Tacho LED

Vibration measurement

Digital filters

Count: one/channel
Type: First order Butterworth bandpass filter
Tuning range (fo) continuous 0.05 to 49.99Hz,
internally split into three bands:
  • 0.05 to 0.49Hz (low band)
  • 0.50 to 4.99Hz (mid band)
  • 5.00 to 49.99Hz (high band)
Sampling frequency: 500xfo
Q range: 1 to 100 in 21 steps


Count: two/channel (wideband, filtered)
Type: True RMS detector
Averager: Monte Carlo style
Averaging time: 1.0 to 100.0 sec


Count: one/channel
Source: channel filter output
Vibration monitor

Warning level: 0 to 1.999g
Warning delay: 0 to 100s
Alarm level: 0 to 1.999g
Alarm delay: 0 to 100s
Tacho integrity monitor

Tacho 1 test WB start level: 0 to 1.999g
Tacho 1 test RPM demand: 0.0 to 4000.0RPM
Tacho 1 test alarm delay: 0 to 100s
Tacho 2 test WB start level: 0 to 1.999g
Tacho 2 test RPM demand: 0.0 to 4000.0RPM
Tacho 2 test alarm delay: 0 to 100s

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