Vibration Guard VGM5

The VGM5 Vibration Guard accepts vibration signals from one or two accelerometers VGS5 and a tacho (RPM) sensor, monitoring filtered vibration level against a set limit and time, and optionally monitoring shaft RPM and sensor integrity while the machinery is running.

With a measuring range of 0.05 to 49.99Hz, the unit is suited for detection of blade vibration in wind turbine rotors, and for detection of tower vibrations at or above the fundamental frequency.

The unit has independent fail-safe relay outputs for vibration warning/alarm, overspeed and sensor failure conditions, and may optionally be fitted with analog detector outputs for data logging.

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VGM5 datasheet rev. 091112

System status is presented on multicolour front panel LEDs, while parameter setting is done via the GPD5 display/keyboard attachment, which features a 2x16 character LCD display, four multicolour LEDs duplicating the indications of the underlying module, and six menu keys for navigation and parameter entry.

Alarm acknowledgement (reset) can be manual via the GPD5, remote via digital input, optionally via communication line, or automatic as per menu setting.

VGM5 is housed in a plastic enclosure for DIN rail snap-on mounting. Cable attachment is via 2x18 screw terminals. The module requires a 24Vdc supply.

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New VGM5 software issue 107101