Vibration Guard VGM5

New version 107101

New software version 107101 has been developed for the VGM5 vibration guard, with a view to applications for which the original version 105102 provided insufficient selectivity and tuning accuracy.

Release notes User Manual
107101/070103 replaces the FFT approach with two fully independent tunable digital filters, while the filter tuning range has been shifted towards lower frequencies as a result of customer input and feedback. VGM5 Version 107101 Rev. 070103
107101/080509 features 0.001g resolution in vibration readout and settings; increased number of monitor parameters for more straightforward adaptation to existing applications; tacho measurement range extended downwards; TAC84 emulation mode for the relay drive; sensor signal crossfeed facility permitting the setup of two independent filter/monitor channels using just one vibration sensor. VGM5 Version 107101 Rev. 080509.
107101/080618 features independent selection/deselection of Auto Reset for different alarm types, and in the menu system an additional root window with instantaneous Tacho 1/2 RPM readings. VGM5 Version 107101 Rev. 080618.
107101/091112 fixes an outstanding sensitivity issue and changes some parameter limits. VGM5 Version 107101 Rev. 091112
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