Liquid Sensor System

Cloudburst Alarm



Any type of building for protection from water egress or ingress in particularly exposed, sensitive or difficult-to-inspect locations, such as installation shafts and crawl spaces.

  • Controller type SLSI
  • Liquid Sensor type LS-X
  • Mains Adaptor 230Vac/24Vdc

Monitoring Functions:

Water aggregation
System SLSI issues an alarm when the attached liquid sensor LS-X reports aggregate water. An internal jumper selects automatic or manual reset (power cycling) when water aggregation subsides.

Cable Fault:
System SLSI issues an alarm when the liquid sensor connection is interrupted by e.g. cutting or shorting of the sensor cable.

Alarm Functions:
On water aggregation and cable fault, system SLSI will deactivate the main alarm relay and issue visible and audible alarm. Simultaneously, an auxiliary alarm- or valve relay is deactivated. A front panel indicator shows the meausuring point status via a three-color LED.

Status Indicator and Buzzer.


One measuring channel servicing a liquid sensor type LS-X. The setting of internal jumpers determines alarm function, auxiliary relay function, buzzer and autoreset functions.

Alarm Output:
Fail-safe, floating SPDT in main alarm relay (energized in the normal condition). May be used for attachment to BMS or SMS (text) alarm message module.
Fail-safe, floating SPDT in auxiliary alarm relay (energized in the normal condition). May be used as auxiliary alarm output, or to switch drive voltage for e.g. a magnetic valve or a siren.

Liquid Sensor type LS-X:
Sensor electrodes are gold plated for corrosin resistance. Aggregation of sufficient water to make contact between electrodes of the sensor will cause detection and alarm response.

Dim.: 24 x 72 mm
Measuring Voltage: app. 900mVac 300Hz
Cable 2 mtr.
Other cable lengths on demand.

SLSI is also available for operation from an external 12Vdc supply (no adaptor included).

Download SLSI data sheet in pdf format

Download SLSI wiring diagram in pdf format

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