Supply Water Leakage Protection

System Stable

Operating Functions

After the setting of high consumption periods, system Stable can perform a run-in lasting 1-30 days with subsequent automatic calculation of monitoring parameters and transition into operating status.

Protection Off:
Employed whenever a High Pressure Cleaner is used in the stable, even during system run-in. System Stable suppresses monitoring for a preset time after activation of Protection Off via the front panel or the digital input, or (opt. comm/GSM) via mobile phone. In this state, the system can not issue an alarm or cut off the water supply in the event of a leakage, though warnings may still be seen on the front panel. A front panel indicator and a signal relay both indicate suppression of monitoring. After expiry of the preset time, or upon renewed activation of Protection Off, digital input or (opt. comm/GSM) mobile phone, system Stable will resume monitoring. By thus disregarding consumption contributed by high pressure cleaning, the system optimizes overall leakage sensitivity.

System Stable performs daily exercise and tightness checking of the cut-off valve at a preset (adjustable) time of day. All voltage supplies are continuously monitored; flow meter functionality is checked by the Water Supply Monitor.

System Stable may issue warnings on the front panel of imminent alarms. Each type of warning is individually selectable in the menu.

Mains Connection
230V 50Hz L/N/PE via key switch. Power consumption max. 20VA.

System diagram SB
1: Control box    2: Flow meter    3: Cut-off valve   4: Strainer


System Stable attaches to the DanTaet Alarm and Energy Registration System AERS, which conveys leakage alarms to the duty watch of the property and illustrates the event. AERS transmits alarms in the form of text messages and/or E-mail, and alarms may be remotely acknowledged from the recipient's smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Example: situation view from AERS

System Capacity and pressure loss Dimensions
Nom. Cap.
Qn (m³/h)
ΣΔp at Qn Equivalent
Kvs (m³/h)
(mwc) (kPa) Flow meter Cutoff valve Strainer
SB-2,5-A 2,5 2,5 25 5,0 ¾" x 220/315 ¾" x 77 ¾" x 66
SB-3,5-A 3,5 2,5 25 7,0 1" x 260/375 1" x 86 1" x 75
SB-6-A 6 2,5 25 12,0 1¼" x 260/375 1¼" x 95 1¼" x 90
SB-10-A 10 2,5 25 20,0 1½" x 300/440 1½" x 120 1½" x 104
SB-15-A 15 2,5 25 30,0 2" x 300/460 2" x 140 2" x 124

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