Supply Water leakage Protection System KMP-V


Supply Water Leakage Protection System KMP-V employs flow measurements from an ultrasonic meter, fetched regularly via a digital interface from a Kamstrup MULTICAL®61/62 water meter, to which the flow meter is attached.
Two monitoring functions are used together with the fetched flow values for protecting the installation from leakage, as the KMP-V closes the cut-off valve when a leak is detected by either monitor.
Component errors reported in the water meter's INFO code are propagated by the KMP-V as System Error Alarms.

System Diagram KMP-V


PSALM® is a data processing method using the flow spectrum to dynamically calculate discharge, so that this may decline when flow reduces.
Thereby in a given installation operation will be possible at a lower alarm limit or, given an alarm limit, more consumers can be tolerated.
PSALM® can also compensate to a degree for the data reduction resulting from limitations in time or volume resolution of a flow meter.


Alarm and Event log
KMP-V maintains a log of the 250 most recent events and alarms, such as power down/up, alarm- and error messages, acknowledgements and automatic resets, key input, control signal changes, state changes and sequence execution.

Jumper log
KMP-V maintains a log of the 15 most recent setting changes of the internal jumpers.

These logs contribute to the investigation and documentation of actual events.


KMP-V attaches to the DanTaet Alarm- and Energy Registration System AERS, which conveys leakage alarms to the duty watch of the property and illustrates the event. AERS transmits alarms in the form of text messages and/or e-mail, and alarms may be remotely acknowledged from the recipient's smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Example: situation view from AERS.

System Capacity and head loss Dimensions
Nom. Cap.
Qn (m³/h)
 ΣΔp@Qn Equivalent
Kvs (m³/h)
(mwc) (kPa) Flow Meter Valve
KMPV-1,6-V1 1,6 2,53 25,3 3,18 ½" x 110 mm ¾" x 80 mm
KMPV-2,5-V1 2,5 0,42 4,2 12,2 ¾" x 190 mm ¾" x 80 mm
KMPV-4-V1 4 0,93 9,3 13,2 1" x 260 mm 1" x 90 mm
KMPV-6,3-V1 6,3 2,24 22,4 13,3 1" x 260 mm 1¼" x 110 mm
KMPV-10-V1 10 0,65 6,5 39,2 1½" x 300 mm 1½" x 120 mm
KMPV-16-V1 16 1,63 16,3 39,6 DN50 x 270 mm 2" x 140 mm
KMPV-25-V1 25 0,71 7,1 94 DN65 x 300 mm DN65 x 46 mm
KMPV-40-V1 40 0,6 6,0 163 DN80 x 300 mm DN80 x 46 mm


Variant -V0 is used where cut-off on alarm is not permitted.
Variant -V1SRNO is used where the cut-off valve must open in the event of mains power failure.
Variant -M0 is used where an MC61/62 billing meter may be employed.