Installing the FBU/FXU

The present guidelines must be applied for cost calculation and execution of the installation of DanTaet leak detection systems type FBU/FXU.

The same guidelines apply on system commissioning for approval of the works performed.

Flow meters can be oriented horizontally or vertically,
always observing Kamstrup's instructions
The two flow meters need not have the same orientation
If a flow meter is oriented horizontally, the electronics housing must be on the side of the meter +/- 45°
Correct flow direction in the meters (arrow) must be observed
Correct placement of meters Flow/Return must be observed
Remember to insert thermometers into the meter body (Flow: red, Return: blue).
A straight pipe section (5x the meter DN) must exist ahead of the meter input port.
Any bends, nipples, cones, filters, limiters, regulation valves, etc. must have this separation from the meter input port.
Note when the billing meter is incorporated in the leakage detection system, the above applies to the billing meter as well!
Electrical coupling must be ensured between the Flow and Return meters unless a heat exchanger is installed in the immediate vicinity of the meters, cf. Technical Description Kamstrup Multical 602, section 6.3 'Calculator with two flow sensors' (5512-931 GB/10.2012/Rev.F1)
The system's cut-off valves must be placed at the meter output ports with the actuators pointing upwards or sideways, but never downwards.
The Check Valve must be located in the Return pipe between the system's cut-off valve and the stop cock.
The flow meter bodies should be left un-insulated to avoid overheating of the meter electronics.
Correct placement of cut-off valves Flow/Return (colour code Orange/Light Blue) must be observed.