DanTaet air humidifier monitor

System 195100

Air humidifier monitor

System 195100


Air humidifier systems comprising up to 8 humidifier stations in sensitive locations.
  • Intake flow meter
  • GIFM monitoring computer
  • Cutoff valve
  • Serves up to 8 humidifiers
    (each up to 325 l/h capacity)

Monitoring functions:

Water intake and humidifier status are continuously monitored. Based on the capacity and instantaneous status of each humidifier, the system calculates an expected water intake. If actual intake exceeds calculated intake by a specified margin, the system enters alarm state and cuts off the water supply.

System error:
The system continuously monitors for meter and supply errors.

Alarm functions:
The cutoff valve is closed on alarm. This state is indicated on the front panel, and error type and time of occurrence are displayed. Alarm relay outputs and acoustic alarm may be configured to selectively respond to any given error type. The intake error criterion is adjustable.

BM/SCADA systems:
The system provides an output repeating the meter impulses for BM/SCADA systems.

The system comes with a magnetic cutoff valve. Against a cost offset this may be supplied as a non-metallic type suitable for particularly corrosive media.

System diagram 195100

The system comprises metric total and subtotal counters. Eight digits of these may be displayed in the front panel, while ten digit readings are possible to an attached PC. Resolution is 1 liter. Date and time for subtotal reading/zeroing are maintained.


Liquid sensor attachment:
For protection af particularly sensitive areas, or for protection against water not originating from the installation, the system may optionally be equipped with a number of liquid sensors type LS-X via aggregate water alarm L-PS-X, offering extra protection for particularly exposed and vulnerable locations, and such that the system may cut off the water supply when aggregate water is detected by L-PS-X.
System Capacity and pressure loss Dimensions
Nom. Cap.
Qn (m³/h)
ΣΔp at Qn Equivalent
Kvs (m³/h)
(mwc) (kPa) Flow meter Cutoff valve
DT-IH3-V1 Std. 3 8,1 81 3,3 ¾" x 190/230 ¾" x 95
DT-IH3-V1 Agr. 3 6,4 64 3,8 ¾" x 190/230 ¾" x 88

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