Building cooling water leakage protection

System WLP-2-BCW

System WLP-2-BCW


Closed-circuit cooling water installations in institutions, factories and office buildings.

  • WLP-2 computer
  • Intake and outlet
    electromagnetic flow meters
  • Butterfly valves LUG
    with heated actuators


E: Temperature transmitters for
    technical energy calculation

V: Liquid sensor type LS-X for
    point protection (max 6/8)

Monitoring functions

DanTaet WLP-2-BCW performs continuous leakage monitoring of the cooling water installation by measuring intake and outlet flows and comparing these, allowing for differences in volume and meters. Alarm is issued when the flow difference exceeds a preset limiting value, and the installation is cut off.

Installation and components are tested particularly for tightness during low consumption periods (OptiTight®).

System error:
WLP-2-BCW continually monitors for meter and supply errors.

Systems employ butterfly valves type LUG with heated actuators.

System extensions

Point protection (Opt. V):
WLP-2-BCW accommodates a number of liquid sensors LS-X for extra protection of specific exposed or vulnerable locations.

Energy calculation (Opt. E):
After attachment of two temperature transmitters, WLP-2-BCW can calculate the energy transfer from the protected building.

The DanTaet systems are covered by patents issued and pending and copyright in
Denmark and a range of countries within and outside the EU.

Alarm functions

Cut-off valves are closed in the alarm state, which is indicated on the front panel, with a detailed error description being displayed.

Alarm Outputs:
WLP-2-BCW is equipped with four alarm relay outputs, all of which may be configured to activate on any error type as desired.

Remote Alarm:
WLP-2-BCW may be delivered with an analog or GSM/GPRS modem, whereby on alarm a callout can be made to modems or other technical equipment, or a text message can be sent to a mobile phone.

WLP-2-BCW continuously logs events, system changes, key variables and consumption characteristics which may be presented in the display or via remote communication.

BM/SCADA systems:
WLP-2-BCW provides scalable outputs repeating the meter impulses for BM or SCADA systems, as well as energy impulse output (Opt. E).

Custom versions

DanTaet also delivers customised protection systems on request, e.g. electromagnetic flow meters with separate meter and display or corrosion-resistant valves for aggressive media, or systems with capacities not listed below.


System diagram WLP-2-BCW
System Capacity Cutoff valve
Δp = PN
Min. flow Nom. flow Max. flow
@ 0,03 m/s
@ 2,5 m/s
@ 10 m/s
Flow meter Cutoff valve
WLP-2-BCW12-V2 0,14 12 45 10 DN40 x 150 1½" x 120
WLP-2-BCW18-V2 0,22 18 72 10 DN50 x 200 DN50 x 43
WLP-2-BCW30-V2 0,36 30 120 10 DN65 x 280 DN65 x 46
WLP-2-BCW45-V2 0,54 45 180 10 DN80 x 280 DN80 x 46
WLP-2-BCW70-V2 0,84 70 280 10 DN100 x 280 DN100 x 52
WLP-2-BCW110-V2 1,32 110 440 10 DN125 x 400 DN125 x 56
WLP-2-BCW150-V2 1,8 150 630 10 DN150 x 400 DN150 x 56
WLP-2-BCW280-V2 3,36 280 1130 10 DN200 x 400 DN200 x 60

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