Supply Water Leakage Protection System BBU/BXU


Supply Water Leakage Protection System BBU/BXU employs values of volume flow from an ultrasonic flow meter, which is interrogated at regular intervals via a data interface in a Kamstrup MULTICAL®61/62 Water Meter, to which the flow meter is attached.

Two monitoring functions are used with the collected volume flow data for leakage protection of the installation, in that System BBU/BXU closes its cut-off valve when it detects a leakage.

Component errors reported via the Water Meter INFO code are propagated by the KMP-V as System Errors.

System Diagram BBU/BXU

System Capacity and Head Loss Dimensions
Nom. Cap.
Qn (m³/h)
 ΣΔp@Qn Equivalent
Kwc (m³/h)
(mwc) (kPa) Flow Meter Valve
BBU 1,6 2,53 25,3 3,18 ½" x 110 mm ¾" x 76 mm
BXU 2,5 0,42 4,2 12,2 ¾" x 190 mm ¾" x 76 mm


Variant -M0 is used when an existing MC61/62 water meter is employed.