Supply Water Leakage Protection System BBU/BXU


Supply Water Leakage Protection System BBU/BXU employs values of volume flow from an ultrasonic flow meter, which is interrogated at regular intervals via a data interface in a Kamstrup MULTICAL®61/62 Water Meter, to which the flow meter is attached.

Two monitoring functions are used with the collected volume flow data for leakage protection of the installation, in that System BBU/BXU closes its cut-off valve when it detects a leakage.

Component errors reported via the Water Meter INFO code are propagated by the KMP-V as System Errors.

System Diagram BBU/BXU


Alarm and Event Log
BBU/BXU maintains a log of the most recent 250 events, such as Power Down, Power Up, Alarm and Error messages, Alarm Acknowledge and Autoreset, External COntrol Input change, State change and Sequence execution.


Jumper Log
BBU/BXU maintains a log of the 15 most recent changes to the jumper settings.

These logs serve to document events surrounding actual incidents in the installation.

System Capacity and Head Loss Dimensions
Nom. Cap.
Qn (m³/h)
 ΣΔp@Qn Equivalent
Kwc (m³/h)
(mwc) (kPa) Flow Meter Valve
BBU 1,6 2,53 25,3 3,18 ½" x 110 mm ¾" x 76 mm
BXU 2,5 0,42 4,2 12,2 ¾" x 190 mm ¾" x 76 mm


Variant -M0 is used when an existing MC61/62 water meter is employed.