DanTaet System CSLP

The installation is monitored round-the-clock for seepage. Seepage alarm is issued at a certain time of day, e.g. 10:00am; seepage check may be optionally performed on any day of the week.

Depending on manning, the installation is monitored for constance, average flow, peak flow and discharge. Alarm is issued when consumption exceeds the relevant limit.

The enclosure is equipped at the front with a key for Alarm Acknowledge/Restart [START] and with a key switch for manned/unmanned site [DUTY ON/OFF].
The enclosure is equipped at the top with an amber lamp that flashes to indicate alarm.
The enclosure must be supplied with 240Vac 50Hz L-N-PE max 50VA connected to terminals on the intenal base plate. Mains, meter, and valve cables must be routed via the gland block in the bottom of the enclosure. When properly mounted, protection class IP65 is achieved.
Meters and valves for system CSLP come in all sizes from ¾" to DN100.
It is customary to pick the same dimension as the pipework immediately following the meter in order to avoid overloading it.


system diagram CSLP
1: Enslosure    2: Flow Meter    3: Motorized Valve

System Nom. load m³/h Meter dim. Valve dim.
CSLP-2.5 2.5 ¾" x 220/315 ¾" x 75
CSLP-3.5 3.5 1" x 260/375 1" x 90
CSLP-6 6 1¼" x 260/375 1¼" x 95
CSLP-10 10 1½" x 300/440 1½" x 100
CSLP-15 15 2" x 300/460 2" x 120
CSLP-20 20 DN50 x 270 DN50 x 43
CSLP-40 40 DN65 x 300 DN65 x 46
CSLP-55 55 DN80 x 300 DN80 x 46
CSLP-90 90 DN100 x 300 DN100 x 46


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